Facade Alpanova

Based in Haute-Savoie, our craft company specializes in the laying of natural sawn stone. All of our 100% natural and local sawn facing stones are ideal for the cladding of your walls, indoors and outdoors, for new or renovation projects, and will adapt to all types of media.

Alpanova specializes in the laying of sawn natural stone to provide all local actors in local facing stones of ultra-thin thickness. We collaborate with both professionals and individuals.

This small thickness allows our team of professional stone layers to cover walls with natural sawn stone while having various constraints of masses, volumes or thickness. Also, some projects previously thought for other materials (wood, plaster, etc.) can now be offered an alternative in case of changing needs or design. Where a laying of natural stones was unachievable for some project, it becomes permitted through our techniques of laying sawn stone for a similar cost.

We work with sawn stone from the country, sawed stone from Savoy and Haute-Savoie, as well as sawn stone from the surrounding valleys. The range of natural sawn stones from Alpanova offers a wide choice of colors, designs, textures and reliefs.

Alpanova layers comply with technical standards and regulations in force; they know how to work with sawn stones whose thickness varies frequently according to the needs and the technical necessities.

Having your sawn stone layed by Alpanova, is to ensure a quality artistic rendering and sustainable over time.

Our team of specialists is there to advise you in your choices, both aesthetic and technical, according to all your needs and other requirements that may apply. We guarantee personalised assistance and recommendations for all your projects, in Savoie, Haute-Savoie and France.

For any question or a free quote request, contact Alpanova by phone or via our contact form.